What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership model that replaces the complex and costly billing system of our current insurance based health care. This allows the focus to shift from billing and finances to personalized health care with no hidden fees, all for an affordable monthly membership.

Traditional primary care works through a fee-for-service model that is driven by health insurance contracts and networks. The patients pay these fees in three ways: monthly insurance premiums, visit co-pays, and resulting bills for services rendered. For the service billing component, every appointment, treatment, and test ordered has a fee which is accounted for by a code. There is often more than one fee matching various diagnoses or treatments, and fees can vary depending on the facility, location, and type of provider, all of which is negotiated between the provider and the insurance carrier. In short, it is really complicated and confusing, and rarely is anyone able to know upfront what something is going to cost.

DPC is not health insurance, it is health care. We do not bill insurance. It does not cover catastrophic events like hospitalization, surgery, etc. Patients are recommended to obtain at least a high deductible insurance plan or healthcare sharing plan for emergencies. DPC is a unique concept when compared to the standard traditional primary care model.

The first DPC practice started in 1997. There are currently over 700 direct primary care practices in 48 states and the number continues to rise due to the numerous benefits. 

What are the benefits of direct primary care?

There are myriad benefits to having a direct primary care provider. They include:

If you would like to find a DPC healthcare provider in your area, visit www.dpcfrontier.com. If you are in the Ormond Beach area, we offer Direct Primary Care at Stellar Perfomrance Medical. We currently accept Medicare in addition to offering Direct Primary Care Pricing.

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