Shock-Wave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy:
An Alternative Approach to Medicine

At Stellar Performance Medical, we strive to restore you to the best version of yourself with a range of industry‑leading treatments through proven radial shockwave therapy. Our clinic in Ormond Beach, Florida uses the latest cutting‑edge regenerative cell therapy backed by hundreds of studies showing their effectiveness.

Pain & Injuries
Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, or a sports injury, our non-invasive shockwave treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing process to relieve pain in tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues.

The latest research-driven therapies show this device can stimulate nitric oxide release thus increasing blood flow to the area, shutting down inflammation and recruitment of one’s own growth factors and stem cells to the injured area. This in return releases factors that promote healing, stimulates cell regeneration to heal tissue and it is an effective treatment of superficial orthopedic disorders.


The Application

During treatment, a radial shockwave therapy device is held against the skin.

The Treatment

The device sends mechanical pressure waves to the body, radiating out in the tissue.

The Results

Reactions are triggered in the tissue that positively influence many orthopedic conditions.