Developed by Dr. Charles Runnel in the U.S.A., for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, the P-Shot is a non-surgical treatment that uses your bodies platelets & growth factors to stimulate new growth and revitalize sexual function in both men and women.

The P-Shot is a revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), taken from the patient, and injected into the penis.  This PRP rejuvenates the penis, which increases the efficiency of other ED treatments. The PRP shot frequently increases length and girth and frequently helps treat penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease).

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)? How does it work?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, is a concentrated form of your own platelets. Professional athletes have been using PRP for decades to recover from injuries more quickly and to help avoid surgery for certain injuries. Suppose you fall and scrape your knee. Your platelets begin to initiate the blood clotting process but that is only part of their function. In response to their activation, the platelets release over thirty different growth factors from their granules.

These growth factors stimulate your stem cells to begin healing and regrow tissue. For instance, vascular endothelial derived growth factor (VEGF), tells your stem cells to grow new blood vessels. This is one of the growth factors that is most helpful for our purposes because blood flow is the main component of erectile function.

What are benefits of the P-Shot?

Who is a candidate for the P-Shot?

Most men desiring to improve sexual function and performance are great candidates. Erectile dysfunction affects half of all men aged 35 – 65. Beneficial for conditions such as; Peyronie’s disease, diabetes and prostate disease.

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