The Bocox™ Procedure is a specific method of using Botox® to improve penis health & function. This procedure has been shown in research to help erectile dysfunction (ED) for some men–even when Viagra (Sildenafil) & Cialis (Taladafil) does not work.

Nothing, including this procedure, works for everyone. Discuss the procedure with your provider & read the consent form which incorporates the possible side effects seen with both Botox and Viagra (since, in theory, the same side effects could occur with Bocox™).

WARNING: Treating erectile dysfunction is serious business; only providers trained & licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association® (indicated by their listing on our directory) can legally use the name, Bocox™, to describe a procedure offered in their office.

Bocox™ Q & A

How does Bocox™ procedure improve erections?

Botox® has been used for years as a way to relax the smooth muscle of the bladder with bladder spasm. Botox is also thought to relax the smooth muscle that controls blood flow through the arteries of the penis; when the smooth muscle relaxes, the arteries increase in diameter, and more blood flows into the penis—causing improved erection and, perhaps, penile health.

Botox also is known to migrate along the axon that innervates tissue (same pathway as when treating migraines). It could be that this migration of Botox along the ganglion to the controlling axon could increase parasympathetic tone–also contributing to increased firmness of the erection.

Is the Bocox™ procedure safe?

No serious sequelae have been reported with Bocox™. However, since Bocox uses Botox, and since Botox for erectile dysfunction works by the same mechanism as does Viagra (relaxing smooth muscle of the arteries in the penis), in theory, any side effect seen with either Botox or with Viagra could happen with the Bocox procedure. For that reason, the consent form includes the same warnings included with consent for those two drugs.

The amount of Botox is further explained here. When doing so, Bocox is less than what is used for the treatment of migraines, and less than 1% of the LD50 (the toxic dose) for a 130 pound man.

Will the Bocox™ procedure increase the size of the penis?
The Bocox™ procedure alone is unlikely to improve the erect size of the penis: However, the Bocox procedure does improve the length of the flaccid penis by maintaining more blood flow in the flaccid state; this effect, in theory, could help in the recovery of the penis post prostate surgery, as well as in overall penis health.
How much does it cost & how long will it last?

The wholesale cost of Botox® to the physician is significant. And, the provider of the Bocox™ procedure must take time to evaluate the patient, all in addition to actually doing the procedure. Since expenses can vary from different areas throughout the country, the procedure price will vary as well, but should be at least $1,200 or there may be some question to the validity of the Botox being used.

The procedure improved erection for three months in one study in which the men received 50 units of Botox. The men who were helped by 100 units of Botox saw improvement for up to six months.